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Contextual command-line help

Apr 21, 2022

An idea: what if running a program with -h or --help described the flags and arguments passed in, rather than everything? Subcommands get this treatment (e.g. git log -h), why not everything else?

Say you want to know what fzf +s does. Running fzf -h prints 89 lines of text. The +s flag is on line 17. That's 72 lines of scrolling. If the help was contextual, you could run fzf +s -h to see just the help for +s.

We could go further and print argument values too. A hypothetical example:

$ fzf +s -q $(date) --preview="ls {}" -h
usage: fzf [options]

  +s, --no-sort       Do not sort the result
  --prevjew=COMMAND   Command to preview highlighted line ({})
    value: "ls {}"
  -q, --query=STR     Start the finder with the given query
    value: "Fri 15 Apr 2022 19:15:38 BST"

You could copy any command invocation from the internet and add -h to understand what it does.

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