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snds - a generative music thing

Nov 3, 2022

snds is a web-based generative music thingy I've been working on. Each box is a little experiment. Click on one to hear it and see its visualisation.


Eno-esque loops of varying lengths. Each loop uses notes from the same scale, then I fiddled around with the timing until it got interesting.

evening echo

The ticking parts have intervals of 1 and 1.02 seconds. They slowly diverge then recombine, over and over. The main synth is being triggered at 0.98 and 1 second intervals, making the note lengths change as the two loops fight.

across the two lane

This plays four parts by variously multiplying and dividing a base frequency by a changing ratio.

mostly spoon

My attempt at something "nice". A few loops in dorian, sometimes with a raised fourth to keep you awake.

welcome brake

Three noise synths triggering every 0.5, 0.375 and 0.125 seconds. Each synth has it's own bitcrusher, where the number of bits is twiddled every quarter note, creating the variations.

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