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Feb 20, 2021

I've written some termbox bindings for Janet. If you don't know what either of those are, termbox is a small library for building text-based user interfaces, and Janet is a pragmatic lisp-like programming language with good native C code interoperability.

You can find them at termbox-janet.

They are essentially complete, bar a couple of functions I haven't found much use for.

Here's a minimal example:

(import termbox :as tb)


(tb/put-string 1 1 "hello, world")

# block until an event happens


More examples are in the test directory of the repo here.

Writing bindings for Janet is a delight. The documentation could do with some work, but plenty of native modules are on GitHub to look through. The API provides lots of useful functions and I can usually express what I want in at most a couple of calls.

Some useful examples:

circlet - example of a Janet module embedded in a native one.
janet-uri - example of a native module re-exported from a Janet one.

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