I'm Reece Selwood aka alligator. I'm based in Kent in the UK and I do weird programming things.


[email protected]


Games Done Quick Tracker

I've been running an unofficial viewers/donations tracker for the biannual Games Done Quick marathons since 2013.


A discord bot, designed to be simple to understand and easy to extend.

SVG Sparklines

A tiny JavaScript library to render sparklines in HTML content.


Someone said it would be funny to remake the old Java lake applet effect using JavaScript and the canvas, so I did the damn thing.

Other stuff

pizza.alligatr - experiments that don't fit anywhere.
old alligatr - even older experiments that don't fit anywhere.


Hot Air

A balloon fight-ish arcade game about avoiding awkward family conversations at Christmas. Me and sponge's entry into the Awful Holiday Jam 2018.

Clive Sturridge's Battlement Defence

The story of one fictional game developers career, told tower defense game by tower defense game. Me and sponge's entry into the Awful Summer Jam 2018.


My entry into the Awful Winter Jam 2018. It won "Best Use of Theme".

70s Dad Drivin'

A driving game about a dad mostly yelling. My entry into the GitHub Game Jam 2017. It came 15th overall out of 206 entries.