I'm Reece Selwood aka alligator. I'm based in Kent in the UK and I do weird programming things.



Games Done Quick Tracker

An unofficial viewer and donation count tracker for the biannual Games Done Quick marathons. Run since 2013.


An awk-inspired programming language for wrangling JSON. Written in go.


A seam carving library for JavaScript. I have written about this here.


A discord bot, designed to be simple to understand and easy to extend. Written in JavaScript.


A CLI tool to show the structure of JSON, in a gron inspired format. Written in go.


Someone said it would be funny to remake the old Java lake applet effect using JavaScript and the canvas, so I did the damn thing.

Fun things
100 generator 💯ify your own text
audio2img apply image effects to audio
crochet cloth simulation crochet, physics
dither a lil' experiment with atkinson dithering
polyrhythm see and hear polyrhythms
the sounds music generator
name tech description
accent.vim vimscript my vim colourscheme
gordle go terminal wordle
focus swift a mac app to help me focus
jtermbox C, janet termbox bindings for janet
nimi pi toki pona C toki pona to english dictionary
rss python generate static HTML from RSS feeds
slider C a tiny tool for creating slideshows web old web experiments
old web even older web experiments


Hot Air

A balloon fight-ish arcade game about avoiding awkward family conversations at Christmas. Me and sponge's entry into the Awful Holiday Jam 2018.

Clive Sturridge's Battlement Defence

The story of one fictional game developers career, told tower defense game by tower defense game. Me and sponge's entry into the Awful Summer Jam 2018.


My entry into the Awful Winter Jam 2018. It won "Best Use of Theme".

70s Dad Drivin'

A driving game about a dad who yells a lot. My entry into the GitHub Game Jam 2017. It placed 15th out of 206 entries.